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Great News!   Thank you all for your comments, suggestions, and compliments.  This first week has been so fun!  We had over 1,000 people become members of Cafe Janae this week, and I'm sure that number will keep skyrocketing.  You can help spread the Cafe Janae news by clicking the…
I WANT THIS WEBSITE TO BE ABOUT YOU!   The purpose of this website is to help you find solutions to your health issues.  Café Janae helps you do this by teaching you the principles of therapeutic nutrition (how food can be used as healing medicine).  However, in order to…
HOW TO WIN COOL FREE STUFF    When you sign up, to be a member of the Cafe Janae community,  you’ll get instant access to your first free gift, the “Café Janae Favorites” digital recipe book, AND if you sign up before August 26th, you’ll also get to download my…
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