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Dr. Janae Devika is a Family Nurse Practitioner whose main focus is integrative healing and medical nutrition.  Janae has been practicing the healing arts for over 16 years, and has experience as an herbalist,  massage therapist, meridian tapping coach, health and wellness coach, and essential oils practitioner. Janae is also a holistic chef extraordinaire. Her passion is to educate and inspire people to heal their bodies while falling in love with their food. Janae completed her doctoral education at the University of Arizona.


Janae is the creator of Café Janae, a health and wellness company that focuses on therapeutic nutrition and stress management as primary interventions for preventing and reversing chronic disease.  In her exciting and informative classes, Janae has taught thousands of people how to look better, feel better and live better by eating the "Cafe Janae Way!"  Janae has written 21 whole-food recipe books, and dozens of her shows have been featured  on channels ABC4, CW30, and Good Things Utah.  

Janae is now going full speed ahead as an exciting speaker, medical provider, cooking show host, health and nutrition coach, and author. You can follow her as she provides research based, results-driven, outrageously fun health and wellness education!

If you are looking for ways to reach your full physical, mental, and emotional potential, you can follow Janae on her website,, You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook.  


Cafe Janae Contact Information


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I will do my best to reply to phone messages and emails as soon as possible, however, please allow 24-48 hours for me to get back to you.


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