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Q: Why can't I log in? 

A: Be sure to log in with your username and not your email address.  If you forgot to enter a username when you signed up, then your name is "user" (without quotes).


Q: I've tried to leave a comment but the red error message says "YOUR EMAIL IS ALREADY IN USE".  What does that mean? 

A: You need to login to leave a comment.  Just login with the username and password you chose when you signed up.  


Q: My comment is not showing up.  Is the comment box working?

A: All comments must be manually approved before they are publicly displayed (otherwise we get bombarded with spam).  Please allow 24 hours for your comment to show up on the site. 


Q: I'm not getting the emails that I'm expecting.  What should I do?

A: First, check your email parser and make sure they are not being sent to a junk or spam folder.  If you are using Gmail, the emails may be going to an "ads" folder.  Double check the spelling of the email address you submitted to make sure there was not an unintentional typo.  Second, in order to be on our mailing list you need to click the confirmation link you were sent when you signed up.  If you didn't open the email and click the link, you won't be on our list.  Try signing up again if you lost the email.  


Q: My coupon code is not working.  the error message says "COUPON CODE NOT FOUND" What do I do? 

A:  Check the following restrictions: The coupons may only be used once, minimum purchase price is $15, recipe books that are being offered for free in the "Resources" section will not accept coupon codes.  

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